Sunday, February 3, 2013



Gideon turned one on February 1st. Is it really possible that an entire year has passed? Gideon is still such a happy kiddo, and so different from his big sister in many ways. It's pretty awesome to have the best of both worlds between the two kids.

So, for my memory's sake, here's some data on GOB. He has two teeth. Well, technically I'd say half of two teeth because his bottom central incisors are about halfway in at this point. He's walking all the time like a pro, and while I wouldn't say he's really running, he can dosome pretty serious speed-walking. I just need to buy him a fuchsia windbreaker and a fanny pack, and teach him to pump his arms and he'll be all set to join the speed-walking team. He says lots of baby gobbeldy-gook like "mama" and "dada" and "bababbabababa" and, pretty clearly, "hello" and "hola" whenever he's holding any sort of electronic device up to his ear. He thinks that pretty much any such device is a phone. GOB has moved up to the Mariquitas classroom at school, which makes me sad because I don't have a sweet tiny Abejita anymore and I really loved our Abejitas teachers. But I'm sure I'll love his new teachers too. They are already giving him a complex by calling him, "little smart boy" in Spanish. Gideon is sleeping on a mat (not in a crib) now that he's in the bigger kids' room, drinking from sippy cups, sitting at the table, and doing all the big kid stuff.

He's still pretty tiny if you ask me, but we'll have to wait for his checkup to see where he stands on the ol' bell curve. I'll try to update here so I have some kind of documentation of that...

**UPDATE with GOB's stats**

  • Height - 28.8 inches (18th percentile)
  • Weight - 18 lb. 3 oz. (< 3rd percentile)
  • Noggin - 46.5 cm (53rd percentile) 

Gideon loves his sister so much and provides her with a constant audience for her antics.

He's into EVERYTHING. We bought the baby gates we never needed to buy with Evelyn. We put locks on all the cabinets -- again something that was never needed with the Mouse. We have to close doors and keep an eye out because his latest favorite activity is throwing everything into the toilet and swishing and splashing. Eeeeew.

On the ride home from school every evening, we like to say that he's meditating because he sits in his carseat in a little relaxed yoga pose, feet together and hands open on knees, and he sneaks in a little power nap to get him through the eat/bathe/jammies/read bedtime routine.

He's *finally* sleeping through the night. He's eating more than we think his teeny baby stomach should be able to hold at each sitting. Perhaps he was blessed with a metabolism neither of his parents possess?

He's such a sweet kid.

Happy first birthday, little Man!

**Poor Jonathan turned 30 the day before Gideon. Although we did go out to dinner and sing happy birthday and such, we didn't do anything really major to celebrate. We'll probably combine his birthday, my birthday, and Valentine's Day and try to sneak out to dinner and a museum or something... So many birthdays and such in a short span of time and hitting right after the holidays requires way more planning than I did this year!**

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Maureen Masters said...

it took me this long to get back here to my digital stalking. It sounds like my birthday greetings are rolling like your plans. I love you and cannot kiss you enough for sharing what you do about your life. Can't wait till the next round of hugs. XOOXO