Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Thanks

I haven't forgotten to keep track of things I'm thankful for, but I have totally forgotten to share them here! Allow me to catch up:

12. Our Daycare.

Gideon and one of his teachers, Ms. Mily, on Halloween.

I love it. I love the staff. They are so warm and caring. They are so, so, so patient. And funny, and creative. I trust them to take care of the kids each day and I love to see all the things both kids are learning.

13. This blog post. I love listening to other people and learning from their stories. When I was fully submerged in the Evangelical Christian thing in high school, I had a really engaging youth pastor who knew how to use stories to teach. One time, he told us about how it's easier to break a single twig than to hold 30 twigs and try to break them all together. So it is with changing things in your life. I suppose it's all well and good to make a list of all the things that are "wrong" with oneself personally, or with a relationship, but then it's just overwhelming to think about changing so many things. Instead, I try to remember to pick one thing. Start small. So I decided to do my best to stop yelling at Jonathan. Just as the blog post says, it's not yelling in anger or anything. We're not generally the yelling type. Our fights are 98% silent war in a hardware store. The yelling I'm talking about is the yelling from the living room to the office for Jonathan to come help me, or bring me something, or whatever. Getting up to stand next to him and ask for something I need makes a surprisingly big difference in my frustration/happiness balance.

14. Coffee. Definitely this coffee. With a healthy splash of milk and a tiny shake of sugar.

15. My co-parent in crime, Jonathan. Mid-November brought beautiful falling leaves, shorter days, cooler nights, and it brought this day of poop and anger. It all started sometime before 5:00 in the morning, when Evelyn awoke and decided to change her own poopy diaper. Jonathan and Gideon and I slept soundly while Evelyn attempted this task, and proceeded to get poop all over her bedroom. Carpet, chair, dresser, diaper pail, bed... you name it, and there was poop on it. So I started my day by scrubbing carpets and disinfecting pretty much the whole room. And trying to keep my anger at bay, because she was genuinely trying to help. I'm so thankful to have an extra adult around all the time, and especially in times like these.

16. Evelyn. As she was brushing and styling my hair as only a 2 1/2 year old can, she said in her most reassuring voice, "Don't panic, mommy." She cracks me up.

17. Running.

I was going to post my own "after" photo from The Color Run, but you can't really even tell  I did it because I didn't get nearly this much color on me. So... yeah. 

I went to Charlotte with Amy for The Color Run and it was quite fun. It definitely made the distance (and freezing cold) bearable to get doused with chalky color every so often, and to have a talking buddy encouraging me to keep going. We followed up the race with a leisurely (everything is leisurely when you're kid-free for the day) trip to Ikea where we both did quite well. I love running. I should do it more often. Really.

18. Family time. Now that dissertation is signed, sealed, and delivered, I get to actually enjoy and be fully present for family time on the weekends. I love it. We spent Sunday riding bikes, playing guitar, and just hanging out together. And Jonathan even finished our behind-the-sofa table! It was a great day.

Handy Jonathan. And also, we should probably get some of those sawhorse things. 


Happy all the time... 

Well, that catches us up for last week. I'll be back soon to recap the latest gratitudes. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. 


dpoe said...

so lovely!! i love your life!!

Amy said...

While our shirts and faces didn't get doused in color, my shoes are still orange!